ForcingFest is the main event organized by the POSeT Group: a (hopefully) yearly workshop on topics of advanced set theory that should bring together both philosophers and set-theorists to foster interaction and exchange of ideas. The name reflects the way the group was originally born (and it's also pretty funny), but this does not mean that ForcingFest will always be about forcing. The subtitle of the event will indicate the main topic of that edition.

Given the informal nature of the group, we are open to accept any help or hospitality from universities and faculty members to host the event. Please contact us if you have a topic that you would like to see covered by the fest and if you'd like to help organizing one of the next editions. 

This is an open project and group, any help is welcome!

ForcingFest Editions

ForcingFest Vol. I: Posets: 21 June 2024, University of Oslo.